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Learn Twi

TWI  is a Niger-Congo language spoken primarily in West Africa by approximately 20million people. It is the native tongue of people, residing predominantly in Ghana. There are three distinct dialects; Ashanti, Akuapem & Fante. As a result of the trans atlantic slave trade, traces of the TWI language live on today in parts of the Americas and Caribbean. Anansi, which is the TWI word for spider is probably the most prominent legacy.

Twi is a tonal language, so the meaning of a word could change with the inflection or pitch of the speaker. Standard written twi does not make use of tonal marks (Diacritics) to capture inflection or pitch. The IKWYS solution  introduces the use of tonal marks on written text to ensure users can learn correct pronounciation of twi words. This is a feature unique to the IKWYS interactive solution. 

There are
three distinct tones: Low, Mid and High. These are often compared to the musical tones of Do, Re & Mi. For example the written Twi word Huru, could mean either jump or boil depending on the speaker. With the IKWYS Interactive Twi solution, the use of tonal marks; Hùrú (jump) and Hùrù (boil) not only eliminates confusion but also  developes accurate pronounciation.

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